David Morgan Wright Photographs

Photographs taken by David Morgan Wright between 1910 and 1951.

1910 DMW Houghton MI

Scans of negatives and photos taken by David Morgan Wright in Houghton and Iron County, Michigan around the 1910 time period while he was attending the Michigan College of Mines.

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1913-1917 DMW NewOrleans LA

Scans of photos and negatives from David Morgan Wright during the years he worked in Louisiana as a civil engineer, from about 1912-1913 to 1917.

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1918 World War I

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1924 Hugh David

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1925 Agricola Florida

1925-1926 Agricola, Florida

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1930 DMW Vero Beach with Duncans

1930Florida Agricola and Vero Beach

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1931 ALH Agricola and Daytona Beach

1931ALH_OHWAgricola and Daytona Beach

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1932 DMW Agricola

1932_Florida, Michigan, and Ohio

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1938-1939 DMW Agricola


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